Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[Hiring] STEM Education Graduate Assistant

Position Job Title: Graduate Assistant for STEM education
Program: Capacity Building: Spelman's STEM Teach Education Pipeline (SSTEP)
Supervisor of this position: Shannon Hsianghan-Huang Sung (email:

Job Duties and Qualifications

The graduate student, during the academic year to work from 5-15 hours per week ($15/hour, maximum 20 hours/week during summer) for the duration of the program period. The student will be involved with:

1) Help with the development of survey and data analysis:
     Survey development (e.g., research-based item construction; Google document, Doodle Poll, upload the information to Dropbox; web-page maintenance)    
     qualitative (e.g., transcribing files into texts, Moodle data analysis)
     quantitative data analysis (e.g., basic descriptive data analysis by using SPSS);
2) Search for research articles relevant to the project (e.g., annotated bibliography)
3) Compile supplementary media resources to demonstrate instructional strategy;
4) Participate in the activities with UTAs and SUREs;
5) Assists the Project Manager with overall logistics of the SSTEP program (e.g., recruiting project participants, coordinating meetings with participating school district, and occasional observation of cooperating teachers, mentors, and mentoring sessions).

Please attach your CV to this website:
or send your CV to with the file title: LastName.pdf (e.g., Sung.pdf)

STEM Undergraduate Research Educator (SURE) Program will kick off June 1st , 2015

SSTEP program had recruited 9 freshman and sophomore math and science majors to transition from the role of undergraduate teaching assistant (UTA) to become STEM Undergraduate Research Educator (SURE).

Here are some photos taken during the UTA's mini-teaching sessions in the designated classrooms they served as peer tutors. Thanks to the mentors who agreed to spare some class time for the UTAs to enact their lesson plan in class.