Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pre-UTA End of semester Workshop/UTA application information

We recruited 11 Spelman STEM majors and 10 of them successfully completed the Pre-UTA training in November.
The pre-UTAs were asked to observe 3 classes with at least 2 different disciplines. They shared their experiences observing the pedagogy, content knowledge, and assessment enacted in the undergraduate classroom settings.

We are still accepting UTA applications, the deadline for the Spelman's STEM Teacher Education Pipeline (SSTEP)  Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) position is due Monday, December 1, 2014.  

The UTA position will begin Spring 2015. Participants will receive a $1500 stipend for the semester.


-STEM major (preference given to freshman and sophomore math, chemistry, and physics majors)
-GPA: 2.75
-Copy of unofficial transcript (Freshman students attach your midterm grades)
- 1 recommendation letter (Note: The recommendation letter in in checklist form for the recommender, no additional letter is required).

- a 7-10 hour weekly commitment (which includes sitting in on a math or science course 2 hours a week and at least 5 hours of tutoring hours/week for students)
-bi-weekly electronic written reports on classroom and tutoring experiences

For more information and to complete an application you can click here:

For further information about the UTA position or the SSTEP project visit:
You can contact Dr. Borum or I ( know if you have any questions.