Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pre-UTA End of semester Workshop/UTA application information

We recruited 11 Spelman STEM majors and 10 of them successfully completed the Pre-UTA training in November.
The pre-UTAs were asked to observe 3 classes with at least 2 different disciplines. They shared their experiences observing the pedagogy, content knowledge, and assessment enacted in the undergraduate classroom settings.

We are still accepting UTA applications, the deadline for the Spelman's STEM Teacher Education Pipeline (SSTEP)  Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) position is due Monday, December 1, 2014.  

The UTA position will begin Spring 2015. Participants will receive a $1500 stipend for the semester.


-STEM major (preference given to freshman and sophomore math, chemistry, and physics majors)
-GPA: 2.75
-Copy of unofficial transcript (Freshman students attach your midterm grades)
- 1 recommendation letter (Note: The recommendation letter in in checklist form for the recommender, no additional letter is required).

- a 7-10 hour weekly commitment (which includes sitting in on a math or science course 2 hours a week and at least 5 hours of tutoring hours/week for students)
-bi-weekly electronic written reports on classroom and tutoring experiences

For more information and to complete an application you can click here:

For further information about the UTA position or the SSTEP project visit:
You can contact Dr. Borum or I ( know if you have any questions.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Recruiting for Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (Due on Dec. 1st)

The Spelman's STEM Teacher Education Pipeline (SSTEP) project is accepting applications for the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) position starting Spring 2014.
1. Please find one person who can discuss your teaching and/or academic abilities in mathematics or science to fill out the recommendation letter for you (Due 12/1) and send it to:
2. Fill out the application form by December 1 (Mon) (Click on the hyperlink) or (copy and paste:

For more information about the SSTEP project, visit:

Let Dr. Borum ( or I ( know if you have any questions.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pre-Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Classroom Observation kicks off

Our Pre-UTA Classroom observation launches this week.
Thanks to the five faculty members from Chemistry (Dr. Lisa Hibbard, Dr. Kimberly Jackson), Math (Dr. Viveka Borum, Dr. Fred Bowers), and Physics (Dr. Michael Burns-Kaurin) who are willing to accommodate our Pre-UTAs in Fall 2014, we will begin the classroom observation from 10/20 (Monday) to 11/7 (Friday).

Here's the letter to the Pre-UTAs for your reference:

"Dear Pre-UTAs,

Observations will begin during the week of October 20, 2014 - November 7, 2014. Please see instructions below. After completing Step 1 in the instructions, click on this link  Google document (the invitation email has been delivered to the email address you provided.)and select 5 available day and times by 1pm on Friday (10/17). Note: Remember if you are in one of Drs. Borum, Bowers, Hibbard, Jackson, or Burns-Kaurin classes then you can observe their class. You must select at least one day and time from each subject (chemistry, math, and physics). Once we get your selections, Dr. Borum and I will create a schedule and email you this information. Do not hesitate to email us with any questions. 

Instructions for Pre-UTA training:

1. Click on link and Please fill out the Consent form and Pre-UTA survey (takes about 5 minutes) and email back by Friday:

2. Watch this 4-minute youtube link on how to complete the Pre-UTA observational form. Observational form instructions video:

3. Download and fill out the observation form for EACH class you will be observing.

3. Attend THREE classes that are assigned to you (at least two different disciplines CHE, PHY, and MAT). If you haven't done so, fill out  Google document available slot. (I intentionally posted everyone's email address in this email, because the invitation email has been delivered to the email address you provided.)

4. Fill out the post-survey (will be sent after three observations are completed).

Your $100 stipend will be completed and sent out for disbursement (We will inform you when you can pick up your stipend).

If you have any questions , feel free to contact Dr. Borum ( or myself, Dr. Sung ("

Saturday, October 4, 2014

SSTEP Workshop I and II

Thank you all for attending the SSTEP Workshop on the Weekends.

If you couldn't attend the workshop today, don't worry about it, here's the document we covered today:

Don't hesitate to sign up for pre-UTA application, which is due on 10/6 (Monday) 11:59pm 

Again, feel free to contact Dr. Shannon Sung if you have any questions!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

pre-UTA (undergraduate teaching assistant) application

Through SSTEP (Spelman's STEM Teacher Education Pipeline) Project, 10 pre-UTAs will be selected to observe 3-5 classes in Fall 2014.
Duration: Late October to November.

Participants will be granted $100 stipend upon successful completion of the pre-UTA training task.

Fill out the pre-UTA application (click on the hyperlink and submit the application form online).
Feel free to contact Dr. Shannon Sung (

Friday, September 19, 2014

[RSVP] 10/4 (Sat) Workshop 11-2pm

Please fill out this RSVP form to participate in the forthcoming workshop:
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Workshop

Date: 10/4 (Saturday)
Time: 11-2pm 
Location: will be emailed to you
Location: Ta

(9/18 Informational Session at Tapley119)

Thanks for participating in yesterday's event. Many interested candidates showed up!

This figure with annotations indicates the timeline in the four stages of this STEM educator pipeline.
If you're an U.S. citizen in STEM majors at Spelman College and you are interested in teaching at Grades 6-12 levels, this opportunity speaks to you.

Curriculum Sequences:
1. Secondary Chemistry Teacher Certification
2. Secondary Physics Teacher Certification
3. Secondary Math Teacher Certification

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Launching the Spelman's Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Informational Session

Informational Session Flyer

If you're a STEM major and interested in becoming a G6-12 STEM teacher...
If you would like to receive a stipend of $1500/semester as an undergraduate teaching assistant...then

Tapley 119
9/18 Thursday

For the informational Session.

We will be raffling prizes!

Application form for pre-UTA (will be available soon)
Application form for UTA (will be available after pre-UTA training)